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Therapeutic Swedish

A general stye of massage including the use of oil across the skin of the receiver. Surface level and light muscle manipulation across the body using long strokes across the limbs. Rhythmic and relaxing..


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage refers to modalities that include the use of the hands as well as forearms, elbows, and other tools in order to work into the deeper layers of muscle tissue.


Deep Tissue massage modality that utilizes the feet of the massage therapist to work into deeper layers of muscle tissue. The therapist stand on the table and applies pressure from above, while holding onto wooden bars for stability. Oil is used to lubricate the skin of the client in this technique as well.


Dry massage style using compression and stretching techniques. Can be done fully clothed on the table or a floor mat. If used in combination with other massage styles it is often a warm-up for deeper tissue work after assisting with providing better bloodflow to the area of the body to which it is being applied.


Utilizing silicone vacuum cups, the therapist places and drags them across the skin of the client to loosen the myofascial tissue and assist in producing better circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the body. This style assists in the buildup of scar tissue and brings fresh blood flow to stagnant tissue. This can also assist with other functions within the body.

Hot Stone

Polished stones heated before the session are used across the body to loosen up and work out tense and tight muscle tissue. The size and shape of the stones being used vary depending on where they are being used on the body. Deeper work can be done these as well.

Marble stone chilled before the massage are used to cool and assist in the reduction of inflammation underneath the surface of the skin across the body. Can be used on the face and neck to stimulate sinus relief as well as help reduce migraine pain.

Cold Stone
Foam Rolling

Massage tools made of dense foam used to assist in the releasing of muscle tension across many parts of the body. They come in many shapes and sizes, as well as many variations of density depending on the use. Some are balls, while others are cylinders. Along with rollers, some are stranger shapes for specific purposes like the cervical pillow for behind the neck.

Herbal Compress

Compressed dried herbs combined and steamed in therapy room, filling the air with the soothing aroma. This ball is heated and used as a compress for the body of the client. The hot compress eases tense muscles, warms the body, and allows for deep soothing compressions into the tissue for deep relaxation.

Gua Sha
Therapeutic Scraping

Smooth-edged jade tools are used to gently scrape areas of inflammation or stagnant tissue. In traditional Chinese medicine this is used to move stagnant qi (energy) to hep improve circulation and promote the body's healing processes.

Heated Bamboo Massage

Bamboo rods are heated to a warm temperature and used to heat-up and smooth out the tissue of the body. This technique requires less heat than hot stone and allow for the pressure and heat to be spread across larger portions of the client's body in order to relieve tension. Great option so those who enjoy foam rolling and would like to add light heat.

Prenatal Massage

Most massage styles being offered can be adapted for clients who are pregnant as long as the client is cleared by their doctor to receive a PreNatal Massage. Exceptions include those who are high risk pregnancies and those still in the first trimester. A note from your physician will be required for anyone high risk.

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