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Feedback from current clients

Kathy H.

“Ben is fabulous. He has helped me tremendously. He provides me pain relief in a problem area while providing a relaxing massage in other areas. I highly recommend! I have been seeing him for a couple of years and will never go anywhere else."

Radonna G.

"Ben is AMAZING! He is the only therapist that I have found in Memphis that will do a deep tissue massage as deep as I like. Plus he stays current on new techniques and incorporates them into his massages."

Taylor C.

“The bomb. Hands down the best massage I've had. Extremely knowledgeable and willing to try different styles to help your body respond. If you haven't booked, you're behind the curve. Get on his list ASAP.”

Janet W.

"Ben is an amazing massage therapist. He saved me when I was overly stressed to the point of a stiff neck. I now see him regularly to help with all my issues. He's always growing his knowledge on how best to address whatever issue is presented to him."

Jacob R.

"I had never been to a massage therapist before, so I was not sure what to expect the first time I saw Ben. However, Ben is such a great and professional massage therapist who made me feel completely comfortable. I tend to carry a lot of stress and tension in my shoulders, and he is always able to work it out so that I leave feeling like a new man. He is always learning new techniques that he flawlessly integrates into sessions and that enhance the overall massage. Genuinely thankful that I made that first appointment because I've become a huge advocate for massage therapy as part of my self care routine, as well as overall health and wellness routine."

Liz P.

"I have followed Ben all around this town for years. I have received massages since I was young, and massages with Ben are the best I have ever had. HIs knowledge of the body and muscle systems allow him to do truly therapeutic work, not just a feel good massage without results! He's respectful and throughtful )informed) in his approach. I will never get a massage anywhere else!"

Michael S-S

"Coyote Soul is fantastic! I have cubital tunnel syndrome, and Ben took time to listen to what I needed. He customized my massage perfectly and gave me lots of great suggestions for things to work on at home between sessions! Definitely will be back ASAP!"

William S.

"I have (or should say had) sciatica. After a few sessions, now, I can walk just fine! No irritation anymore. Plus, there was major focus on the problem areas that were causing the underlying issue. I never knew that ther way I exercised my shoulders was affecting my lower back!
Coyote Soulis a win in my book. And worth the price!"

Michelle L.

"I found Ben a couple of months ago and I couldn't be happier. I am a birth worker and I ask a lot of my body. Ben is able to target perfectly the area that needs to be worked on and does so with great attention and skill. They are proficient in understanding the body and use that knowledge to release tension and pain. I feel great when I leave but even more importantly their massages seem to be changing the way my body moves and heals. On top of the amazing body work, Ben knows how to make every single person feel safe and welcomed! Memphis is better because of their presence and craft."
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